The following is a description of services provided by the Front Desk for all homeowners, renters, and other guests who either call or visit the front office:

Member Services:

  • Greet and assist homeowners, contractors, long-term and short-term renters and guests
  • Receive Payment of HOA dues and provide date stamped receipt;
  • Obtain AUTO/Vehicle parking stickers, hangtags and temporary hangtags;
  • Obtain BOAT stickers, hangtags and temporary hangtags to homeowners, long-term/short-term renters and guests;
  • Obtain homeowner, long-term and short-term ID cards and passes;
  • Obtain, File, pay fee and get receipt for all ACC applications;
  • Obtain copies of Documents.
  • File and update homeowner account information
  • Prepare and send out new homeowner packets
  • Answer general questions regarding TKPOA, rentals, use, and other requests;
  • Radio in harvester/skimmer requests for weed pickup and/or cleanup

Other duties:

  • Receive and reply to phone calls and emails
  • Receive mail, open, date and time stamp and distribute accordingly
  • Photocopying and scanning
  • Reconcile cash register
  • Prepare mail, Fed Ex, Certified Return Receipt, etc.
  • Create and post announcements, meeting schedules, closures, holiday hours, etc.
  • Assemble Board Packets for delivery to board members
  • Type correspondence as needed for any department, board member or committee
  • Order office supplies and keep supply closet orderly and stocked
  • Prepare lobby and/or conference room for meetings
  • Fill out HOA information requests
  • Assist Administrative Assistant with miscellaneous tasks
  • Maintain announcement bulletin board (front of office) and on website
  • Photocopy, label and mail quarterly newsletters (various cove advisors)
  • Answer any questions/inquires that people have (i.e., meeting dates, bear info., harvesting questions/requests, etc.)

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions and we will do our best to help you navigate around. Also remember that if you have a question, a search on this website might provide an answer!