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Front Desk

The Pavilion front desk staff is ready to help you during their office hours:8:30am-4:30pm.

356 Ala Wai Boulevard

(530) 542-6444

email support


Email might be the easiest way to reqest information or get help with some issue. Service requests are taken care of, during office hours, on a first come first serve basis.

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bulletin board

Forum - Bulletin Board

Many times other members are the ones with the answers! The Bulletin Board is a very good channel to use for questions where you think that other members would benefit from knowing the answer.


I forgot my password!

I forgot my password - how do I get a new one?

Just follow these directions to set a new password:
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login” on the front page.
  3. Click “Forgot my password” inn the pop-up window.
  4. Enter the email address you used to register your account. Click Submit.
  5. There should be a confirmation message that a verification code will be sent to you showing on the screen. (Check your spam folder if you have not received the email in five minutes.)
  6. Once you have received the verification code, you need to click the link in the email and then will you be taken back to the website and will able to choose a new password for your account. Remember: Passwords need to have at least 8 characters, and contain at least one digit and one symbol. Click submit.

Webmaster - I'm Stuck!

I'm Stuck - how do I contact the webmaster?

So, you have read the different help topics presented above. You have checked you spam folder for missing emails. You have tried to empty your web browser cache. Nothing helps. You have even searched the FORUM for topics discussing similar problems.

Or you have found that something is missing, or have suggestions to improve the website.

Then please post your question to the FORUM, In the PROJECTS - WEBSITE section. That way otehr members can also benefit from the discussion

As a last resort, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Search & Find News and Articles

How do I search and find news and other articles or documents?

there are several different options available to find the latest news or articles about a particular subject:

  1. News Ticker - On the front page there is a "news ticker with the most important and recent news. Click on the headline and it will take you to the full article.
  2. News - Click on NEWS in the top menu and you will get to the blog where news/articles are listed in date order, newest on top
  3. Search - use the search function on the front page, the NEWS page, or on this page. Type in your keyword and you will be a presented with a list of 3-5 search results. If you want to see more alternative click "View all results" at the end of the list. Also you gan upen up the Advanced Search function direct from the Main Menu - under DOCUMENTS.Search is only available while logged in. For more detailed information read more here
  4. Documents Archive - look in the DOCUMENTS section, for example under Water Quality to find documents pertaining to the dreging project.
  5. Tagging - articles are also tagged. At the end of each article there are a number of tags. Click for example "dredging" to get a list of all articles that have been tagged as such. There is also a "Tag Cloud" visible on the NEWS page if you are logged in. This represents the most common tags; click a tag to list all documents with that tag.
  6. Subscribe - You can also subscribe to the newsletter. You will then get an email (around noon) with the articles that have been published or modified since last update. If you are logged in, you can sign up at the bottom of the NEWS page.

Make sure you are logged in to get access to all information, otherwise you might only see a subset.

Web browser compatibility

The website is designed to be responsive and adapt to different screen sizes when viewing. This put some demand on the webbrowsers used. We have tested the website using Google Chrome and Safari web-browsers, on PC, Mac as well as different mobile devices. We recommend that you use the Google Chrome web browser to make sure that security cameras and web cameras display properly. Firefox might be an alternative. Safari works perfectly fine except when viewing the security cameras. Note that Chrome on iOS (Apple) will not display the security cameras properly.

Website login

To get access to the website you do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Near the top of the page
  3. Click the "Login" button and then click "Create an account" in the pop-up window.
  4. Fill out your user information with your Full Name the address should be your Tahoe Keys street address.
  5. Passwords need to have at least 8 characters, and contain at least one digit and one symbol.
  6. When registered you will receive an email with a verification link. Click on this link. If you don't receive an email please check your spam or junk mail folder
  7. Your information will be reviewed and then an account will be opened. You will receive yet another email when your account is activated.

Note: you can access the website without being logged in, as the general public will be able to do as well. However, guests to the site are not able to view a lot of association specific information on the site unless logged into their account. So please make sure you log in to get access to the full website.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a Property Owners ID Card? +

    Please complete the Property Owners ID Card Application and bring it to the Front Desk or visit the TKPOA Pavilion to update your current form. Property Owners ID Card Application
  • I'm Renting, How do I get a Short Term Recreational Pass? +

    Short term renters may purchase a daily or weekly pass at the Pavilion seven days a week, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm as long as you bring a copy of your lease agreement (or a letter from the homeowner) with you. This will show us where you are staying, who you are and the duration of your stay. We accept cash or check only. Prices vary depending on what you would like to do. i.e., a one (1) day pool pass is $7.00 per day/per person (more detailed in the Pass Policy that is posted on the website).
  • What are the annual association dues? +

    Association dues information can be found in the Annual Budget that is posted on the website.
  • How do I pay my association dues? +

    Each year in mid-December you will receive a book of four (4) coupons and envelopes for your quarterly homeowner association dues. The due dates are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. All payments must be received by the 30th to avoid a 10% late charge. Postmarks are NOT honored, so please mail early. All payments are to be mailed to: TKPOA P.O. Box 1026 Roseville, CA 95678. Mark your check with your TKPOA Account Number. Alternatively you can setup direct debit payments. You find the Debit Autorization Form here:Please note that the front desk does not accept HOA dues payments.
  • Why don't we allow recordings at the board meetings? +

    Recording usually has a negative impact on meeting participation and therefore most boards discouraged or prohibit recordings. Meeting participants, both directors and owners, may be reluctant to speak freely for fear that their words may be broadcast to the general public, or on the web, or in some way used against them in potential ligation. As a result, members' free speech rights are suppressed by the person doing the recording. To read the full policy text click the link. Read More
  • What is the garbage pick-up schedule? +

    The Tahoe Keys has a good record of eliminating inappropriate food sources for wildlife, which is why there are very few reports of confrontations with bears, coyotes, raccoons and other scavengers. More is being done to educate home owners and renters on use of bird seeds, exposed pet foods and attracting wildlife by hand feeding.

    TKPOA enforces stringent garbage/waste management practices with property owners and their guests, including fines for non-performance. These include the absolute prohibition on curbside trash disposal except on scheduled pick-up days (currently Fridays). Exceptions are made for curbside placement of non-food wastes, like landscape and yard trimmings.

    TKPOA provides special disposal facilities for owners and their guests to use on non-pickup days. The Keys manages high aestetics for our properties and the ACC does not approve individual animal proof storage containers in front yards or front setbacks.

  • Who should we call if we see a garbage violation? +

    Call TKPOA Security at (530) 545-0847 or the Front Desk at (530) 542-6444 ext. 221
  • What can I do to get rid of the seaweed growing in the channel? +

    The thing that you legally can do to keep the weeds away from your dock is to buy a weed rake and pull the weeds out by hand. Leave your pile on the dock or your shore and the "skimmers" will pick them up.
  • What is the operating procedure for the weed harvesters? +

    The channels are maintained by the TKPOA Water Department. We have four weed-harvester machines that are deployed daily in our channels and dock areas harvesting and collecting the milfoil and other weed growth, and removing it from the water, helping to keep the channels clear. There is also crews in small boats skimming the surface for the floating weeds, as well as collecting weeds that individual homeowners might have raked up by their docks. Notice that the harvesters only can get around docks where there is an 8 foot space between the docks, due to the paddle wheels on the side of the machine.

  • What is the Harvester's schedule? +

    For example, the harvester schedule for “Skipper Cove” is on Monday, every Monday. Homeowner can expect that their entire channel will be done on that day. Schedules for other coves to be posted shortly.
  • How do I get help collecting and harvesting seaweed from my dock? +

    Call the front desk (530) 542-6444 and they will radio the "skimmers" as the schedule allows. Same thing if you need a harvester to get a closer cut by your dock, given that you have moved any boats and toys away.
  • Do you provide towels at the pools? +

    No towels are provided so please bring your own. See the amenities list on the home page for further information.
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