Dye Studies Planned For Lagoons Starting week of Monday, May 30 2016

As part of our ongoing planning and efforts to get the aquatic invasive weeds in our lagoons under control, the Association will be conducting two dye studies this summer.

Approved by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, the studies, using colorless, harmless rhodamine WT dye (the same as was used in a previous test in the Tahoe Keys in 2011), will assess water movement in the lagoons.

The first dye study, starting the week of May 30, won’t affect boating or any other activities will be put in the lagoon near the west channel to study water movement in that area. You’ll see a few more buoys and testing equipment, but that’s it.

The second one, tentatively planned in the third or fourth week of June, will include the use of containment barriers – curtains hung in the water from a line of buoys anchored to the bottom – in certain lagoons that will impede boating.

As we get closer to the barrier test, affected homeowners and renters will be informed of the specifics of that plan, and the Association will work with affected boaters to find alternative docks for the duration of the test. This test will last at least two weeks.

Please be on the lookout for a second notification with the specifics on the containment barriers, and contact the Association with any questions. To find out more about our work to reduce weeds and improve water quality, please go to

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