Our harvesting season is winding down and with one month left to go, our shutdown process has begun.

At the beginning of the season, I stated that the Association has only three harvesters, compared to five in years past. During high traffic months, our focus was to ensure the navigation lanes were as clear as possible. For the remainder of the season we will be focusing on docks and slips.

I want to remind everyone of our weed pile pickup service. Weed pile pickup from individual docks is similar to the trash pickup days within our community. The times and dates are the same every week and can be found on our weekly schedule. The boat crews will only be servicing docks on the schedule for that day. On your scheduled pickup day, we ask the following:
• This service is for aquatic weeds only, not lawn clippings, lawn weeds, branches, bushes, trash, etc.
• The weed piles need to be in an area which is accessible for the boat crews to pick up.
• Please do not inter-mix mud and rocks with the plants. This is unnecessary weight that our crews need to lift, increasing handling and transportation costs to the TKPOA Homeowners.
• To minimize staining of your dock, place weed piles on a trash bag or similar material close to your scheduled pick up day. On your scheduled day, we will remove both the weed pile and trash bag.

This will continue through the first week in November. Please continue to utilize this service.

On-going AIS Projects

Harmful Algal Bloom
For the last several weeks the TKPOA waterways have been in the “Caution” stage of a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB). We still have detections in almost every waterway but our levels have decreased over the last month.

Just a reminder of key precautions:
• Avoid contact with algae or scum in the water
• Keep children away from algae or scum
• Fish caught in these waters should be cleaned with tap or bottled water, guts should be thrown away
• Do not let pets come into contact with algae or scum or drink the water
• Do not drink lagoon water or use for cooking
• Do not eat shellfish from the lagoons

Ongoing Monitoring
There are numerous orange buoys that are spread throughout our waterways. Attached to each of these buoys is a monitoring device for continuous data logging. For your safety, please keep your distance from any of the monitoring sensors. Any interference with these ongoing projects can severely hinder the overall TKPOA AIS Program.

Boat Backup Station with Bubble Curtain and Sea Bin
The Boat Backup Station has been a success again this year. Currently, we have a 93.06% boater back up compliance rate. During the week of September 30, the Backup Station will be removed. Although labelled pontoons will be taken out, please continue to utilize the back-up station in the same manner you have all summer.

The Bubble Curtain and Seabin have been implemented to support our boat back up station, and have proven very effective. During our monitoring, we have stopped 145.803 cubic feet (equivalent to approximately 1090.68 gallons) of plant fragments from entering into Lake Tahoe.
We will be removing the Seabin the week of the November 11-15.

Fish Survey
As part of the ongoing Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) has contracted several environmental consulting companies to conduct monitoring and sampling within the TKPOA Waterways.
Over a few weeks (October 7-18), these consultant companies will conduct a fish survey, using minnow traps and electrofishing, Benthic Macroinvertebrates collection and sampling, and a wetland survey. For your safety, please keeps your distance from the crews conducting the field work.

If you have any questions about the harvesting operations or our AIS Program, contact Greg Hoover, Water Quality Manager / AIS Management Coordinator, for information at (530) 542-6444. I can also be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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