• Waterfront living provides direct boating access to and endless, breath-taking views of, Lake Tahoe and its natural beauty. The Tahoe Keys is a water-orientated community with easy and immediate access to the south shore of Lake Tahoe.

    Private Boat Docks

    All homeowners have open access either through the Tahoe Keys Marina [the East Channel] or through one of the many lagoons, canals and waterways to the West Channel. Most of the homes have either a private boat dock or a shared community boat dock, and all of the townhouses have assigned boat slips within their private Cove Docks. The Tahoe Keys Marina offers free boat launching ramps for residents of TKPOA, along with fuel & marine services, boat & water craft rentals, boat slip rentals, and restaurant services.

    All boats docked at a Tahoe Keys Townhouse Subdivision Dock require a TKPOA sticker. Please see document below, visit the Pavilion for more information or call (530) 542-6444 ext. 221.

  • Most of the 1500+ members who own homes, townhouses or vacant lots have a private boat dock that are conveniently located on numerous lagoons, canals or the Tahoe Keys Marina with its boat launching ramps. Homes have individual or multiple “gang” docks on their own property. Townhouses have separate and exclusive Cove docks with slips for each owner.


    Waterfront living provides direct access to Lake Tahoe and its many water sports. Access to the Lake from the individual and cove docks is via either the East [Marina]channel or the West [Owners] channel which are maintained by the TKPOA Water Department. We have five weed-harvesters, machines that are deployed daily in our channels and dock areas harvesting and collecting the millfoil and other weed growth, and removing it from the water, helping to keep the channels clear. There are also crews in small boats skimming the surface for the floating weeds, as well as collecting weeds that individual homeowners might have raked up by their docks.

    All boats docked at a Tahoe Keys Townhouse Subdivision Dock require a TKPOA sticker. Please see document below, visit the Pavilion for more information or call (530) 542-6444 ext. 221.

  • Aerial pictures from the Tahoe Keys West Channel Dredging Project.

    Pictures courtesy of and Copyright Selwyn Lee

  • Some pictures from the Tahoe Keys West Channel Dredging Project.

  • Some pictures from the West Channel Dredging Project Staging

    Two pictures from LHS added.

  • Some pictures from the Tahoe Keys West Channel Dredging Project showing the installation of the turbidity curtains

  • Tahoe Keys Marina (TKM) representatives (Owner Robert Krillic and General Manger Robert Spinnato) told a TKPOA representative at a meeting held on January 6, 2015 that they have applied for dredging permits and are awaiting approvals. Their intention is to proceed with the dredging upon receipt of the required permits, which include Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, California State Lands Commission, California Fish and Wildlife, and US Army of Corps of Engineers

  • As of Saturday June 27 the East Channel is open. Tahoe Keys Marina and Yacht Club are also open for launching.

  • All Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) Members should have received a Ballot package (letter with voting instructions and background information, ballot, and two envelopes) for the 2015 West Channel Dredging Project by now. The purpose of the ballot is to permit you to cast your vote authorizing the Association to entire into contracts over $250,000 as required by the CC&Rs for the West Channel Dredging Project. If you have not received a Ballot package please contact the TKPOA front desk at 530.542.6444 Extension 221 at your earliest convenience in order to receive one.

    Ballots must be received in the ballot box located in the TKPOA office or in the TKPOA post office box not later than February 19, 2015 by 4:30 pm PST in order to be counted. Members are encouraged to submit their ballots as soon as possible so that progress towards meeting the quorum requirement can be monitored and to appropriate action can be taken if it appears that the quorum requirement will not be met.

  • The West Channel Dredging Project Ballot PASSED.

  • The Notice to Proceed has been issued for West Channel Maintenance Dredging and Beach Replenishment Project and the contractor will begin mobilizing on March 23.

    THE WEST CHANNEL WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL ACCESS FROM MARCH 23rd, 2015 to MAY 22nd, 2015 (Weather Permitting)


    AS OF THURSDAY MAY 14th, 2015

    Project Operations Staging, Storage and Access

    The contractor will continue to work in this area to complete the Beach Replacement and site cleanup. The turbidity curtains and piping will be taken down over the next weeks outlying the channel. Boaters are advised to stay 30 feet from the curtains when navigating the West Channel. The turbidity curtains will be replaced with Channel buoy markers.

    Boaters are advised that Barges and Boats will be anchored inside and outside of the turbidity curtains during this demobilization period.

    Information Resources

    To provide the TKPOA members with project updates and other pertinent information, please use the following resources:

    • Keys Breeze monthly project updates
    • TKPOA website.
    • TKPOA front desk at 530.542.6444 for questions, problems, or issues related to the project after the contractor is onsite.