How can I contribute an article?

If you want to contribute an article or picture to the website please submit it by email to the webmaster This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It will then promtly be reviewed and, pending editing and approval, be posted on the site and potentially also in The Keys' Breeze.


By submitting content to TKPOA for publishing you attest that you are the copyright holder of said content and you are giving TKPOA the right to publish this content [edited or not] without cost on the TKPOA website and in The Keys' Breeze magazine.

File Formats

Text files can be submitted in MS Word format, RTF, PDF and TXT

Pictures can be submitted as JPG or PNG, please restrict each file to 5MB

If you choose to embed a picture, for example, in a word file please send that picture as a separate file as well.


One thing we'd like to see more of is articles about sustainable landscaping. Our CC&Rs do not really give a lot of guidance here more than telling what you cannot do. So articles about native plants that work well, landscape designs that conserve water and eliminate runoff. It does not need to any academic writing, hoping more for individual homeowners success stories. And, if you dont' fell like writing yourself, but have an idea for a subject you would like to have covered. Send en email note to the webmaster or post your idea on the "Website" project forum.