How do I search and find news and other articles or documents?

there are several different options available to find the latest news or articles about a particular subject:

  1. News Ticker - On the front page there is a "news ticker with the most important and recent news. Click on the headline and it will take you to the full article.
  2. News - Click on NEWS in the top menu and you will get to the blog where news/articles are listed in date order, newest on top
  3. Search - use the search function on the front page, the NEWS page, or on this page. Type in your keyword and you will be a presented with a list of 3-5 search results. If you want to see more alternative click "View all results" at the end of the list. Also you gan upen up the Advanced Search function direct from the Main Menu - under DOCUMENTS.Search is only available while logged in. For more detailed information read more here
  4. Documents Archive - look in the DOCUMENTS section, for example under Water Quality to find documents pertaining to the dreging project.
  5. Tagging - articles are also tagged. At the end of each article there are a number of tags. Click for example "dredging" to get a list of all articles that have been tagged as such. There is also a "Tag Cloud" visible on the NEWS page if you are logged in. This represents the most common tags; click a tag to list all documents with that tag.
  6. Subscribe - You can also subscribe to the newsletter. You will then get an email (around noon) with the articles that have been published or modified since last update. If you are logged in, you can sign up at the bottom of the NEWS page.

Make sure you are logged in to get access to all information, otherwise you might only see a subset.