To get access to the Forum you must be logged in.

  1. Click on the FORUM tab in the top menu
  2. The screen will display the currently defined categories and the active forums in each category. There are three categories:
    • Association Matters
    • Projects
    • Classifieds
  3. For each forum you can see how many topics they cover, the current number of posts and who posted last and when. Compare with the picture above.
  4. Click the forum you want to review, for example Projects - Website
  5. You will now see a list of topics related to the "New Website project" like this:

  6. You can now choose to review what has been posted on one of the listed topics. Or start a new topic by clicking the button POST A NEW TOPIC
  7. If you choose to review a topic, just click on its headline, you can then see different members comments on the topic, like in the picture below. Simply click POST A REPLY to comment on the topic.

Note 1: there are a lot of ways you can choose to customize the way you use the Forum. The most important to be aware of is that you can subscribe to get a notification when there are new posts either to an individual topic or to a complete forum. Just scroll down below the list of topics or beyond the last post and there should be a "Subscribe to xxx" link. You un-subscribe in the same way.

Note 2: Some people have not been able to see the POST NEW TOPIC or POST A REPLY buttons even though they are logged in. We are still investigating this issue. If you do not see either of these buttons as described above, the system believes (wrongly) that you are not logged in. It might help to do as follows:

  1. Go back to the HOME Page
  2. Log Out
  3. Close your web browser
  4. Open up the web browser again
  5. Go to the home page and login
  6. Click the FORUM tab

A last resort might be to empty your browsers chache.