• I would like to update the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) on upcoming Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Projects that will be taken place over the next several weeks.

    As part of the ongoing Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) has contracted several environmental consulting companies to conduct monitoring and sampling within the TKPOA Waterways.

  • Most of the 1500+ members who own homes, townhouses or vacant lots have a private boat dock that are conveniently located on numerous lagoons, canals or the Tahoe Keys Marina with its boat launching ramps. Homes have individual or multiple “gang” docks on their own property. Townhouses have separate and exclusive Cove docks with slips for each owner.


    Waterfront living provides direct access to Lake Tahoe and its many water sports. Access to the Lake from the individual and cove docks is via either the East [Marina]channel or the West [Owners] channel which are maintained by the TKPOA Water Department. We have five weed-harvesters, machines that are deployed daily in our channels and dock areas harvesting and collecting the millfoil and other weed growth, and removing it from the water, helping to keep the channels clear. There are also crews in small boats skimming the surface for the floating weeds, as well as collecting weeds that individual homeowners might have raked up by their docks.

    All boats docked at a Tahoe Keys Townhouse Subdivision Dock require a TKPOA sticker. Please see document below, visit the Pavilion for more information or call (530) 542-6444 ext. 221.

  • Aerial pictures from the Tahoe Keys West Channel Dredging Project.

    Pictures courtesy of and Copyright Selwyn Lee

  • Some pictures from the Tahoe Keys West Channel Dredging Project.

  • Some pictures from the West Channel Dredging Project Staging

    Two pictures from LHS added.

  • Some pictures from the Tahoe Keys West Channel Dredging Project showing the installation of the turbidity curtains

  • Dye Studies Planned For Lagoons Starting week of Monday, May 30 2016

    As part of our ongoing planning and efforts to get the aquatic invasive weeds in our lagoons under control, the Association will be conducting two dye studies this summer.

  • Second Dye Study Scheduled Monday June 20th, 2016

    As part of our ongoing planning and efforts to get the aquatic invasive weeds in our lagoons under control, the Association is conducting two dye studies this summer.

  • Tahoe Keys Marina (TKM) representatives (Owner Robert Krillic and General Manger Robert Spinnato) told a TKPOA representative at a meeting held on January 6, 2015 that they have applied for dredging permits and are awaiting approvals. Their intention is to proceed with the dredging upon receipt of the required permits, which include Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, California State Lands Commission, California Fish and Wildlife, and US Army of Corps of Engineers

  • Lagoon Water Quality

    The Tahoe Keys lagoons are inter-connected to Lake Tahoe. Nutrients and fine sediments contained in the lagoon water can adversely impact the clarity of Lake Tahoe. In addition, the aquatic invasive species, aquatic weeds and non-native fish, can be spread to other parts of Lake Tahoe by boats and other human activity.

    TKPOA is working with the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board to develop ways to minimize the quantity of nutrients in the Tahoe Keys lagoon water. The primary method to reduce nutrients is to reduce the discharge of fertilizers that runoff into the lagoons during irrigation. TKPOA is educating its members and promotes the use of phosphorus-free fertilizers, it has also begun a process to notify its members who are observed to be over-irrigating their properties and creating runoff into the lagoons.

    TKPOA is working to develop ways to minimize the quantity of fine sediments in the Tahoe Keys lagoon water. The primary method to reduce fine sediments is by increasing the number of properties that have Best Manage Practices (BMP) in place. To this end, all primary residence construction plans requiring City approval must be reviewed by ACC to ensure that BMPs are included where applicable.

    TKPOA has cooperated with TRPA and TRCD in conducting scientific studies regarding ways to control the growth of aquatic weeds over the past three years. The results of those studies have shown that aquatic weeds can be controlled using harvesting (the current control method), bottom barriers, and aquatic herbicides. TKPOA is developing an integrated aquatic weed management plan (IMP) that will be based on the most cost-effective mix of the identified weed control methods. While harvesting and bottom barriers are currently allowed, the use of aquatic herbicides will require additional study and regulatory approval. To this end, TKPOA is just starting a program to comprehensively assess the impacts of aquatic herbicides to provide a scientific basis for regulatory consideration. This program is likely to take 3 years or more to complete.

    Tahoe Keys Integrated Weed Management Program.

    Nowhere else in Lake Tahoe is the problem of invasive and nuisance aquatic weeds as great as in the Tahoe Keys, where shallow, protected waterways provide ideal conditions for infestation. We must take action to reduce and manage aquatic invasive weeds before they spread. Visist the dedicated website here:

    Tahoe “Pipekeepers” program.

    TKPOA supports initiatives by the League to Save Lake Tahoe (League), like “Pipekeepers” and “Eyes on the Lake”. TKPOA is in discussions with the League to sponsor these programs in our area. Pipekeepers and Eyes on the Lake are important programs that require volunteer resources for support, especially during storm events. TKPOA may be able to host League volunteer training sessions during 2014.

  • A screenshot of the current water level in Lake Tahoe.

  • Documents pertaining to the Lake Tallac Purchase are posted in the Documents section,

  • The League to Save Lake Tahoe has offered to fund a portion of a study of methods that might finally address a decades-old infestation of aquatic invasive plants in the lagoons of the Tahoe Keys, adjacent to Lake Tahoe.
    Read the full press release by clicking the link above.

  • The Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association will be hosting a Pipe Keepers Introductory Training at our Pavilion on December 7th from 2:00-4:00 P.M.

  • Our third year hosting the Tahoe Keys Polar Bear Plunge was a success, despite the lack of snow and water! The benefit for Christmas Cheer Food Bank brought in ½ of a Christmas Cheer barrel of donated food and $1,127.00 in swimmers’, and indvidual and business cash donations. From 2013, when just 8 brave souls swam for the needy, this year 19 splashed into the cold, cold water for a great cause. The weather was a sunny and balmy 59 degrees; our third year in a row of sunny, beautiful Tahoe weather.

  • The beach web camera is finally back. You can view it as before by clicking the link on the frontpage.

  • As of Saturday June 27 the East Channel is open. Tahoe Keys Marina and Yacht Club are also open for launching.

  • Volunteers marked the last two storm drains in the Tahoe Keys community and marina with metal “No Dumping” signs Friday, making it the first neighborhood at the lake to do so.

    Read the full article in Tahoe Daily Tribune

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  • All Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) Members should have received a Ballot package (letter with voting instructions and background information, ballot, and two envelopes) for the 2015 West Channel Dredging Project by now. The purpose of the ballot is to permit you to cast your vote authorizing the Association to entire into contracts over $250,000 as required by the CC&Rs for the West Channel Dredging Project. If you have not received a Ballot package please contact the TKPOA front desk at 530.542.6444 Extension 221 at your earliest convenience in order to receive one.

    Ballots must be received in the ballot box located in the TKPOA office or in the TKPOA post office box not later than February 19, 2015 by 4:30 pm PST in order to be counted. Members are encouraged to submit their ballots as soon as possible so that progress towards meeting the quorum requirement can be monitored and to appropriate action can be taken if it appears that the quorum requirement will not be met.

  • The harvesting season is right around the corner and I wanted to give everyone a brief overview of how harvesting operations will be conducted and what the upcoming projects will be occurring throughout the season.

  • The first two weeks of the harvesting season are completed. Similar to last year, the season started off slow due to the water being deeper and colder, which has stunted the plant growth up to this point. Due to this, we suspended harvesting in June and focused on fragment control. We started harvesting after the July 4th holiday and are now in full operations.

  • Our harvesting season is winding down and with one month left to go, our shutdown process has begun.

    At the beginning of the season, I stated that the Association has only three harvesters, compared to five in years past. During high traffic months, our focus was to ensure the navigation lanes were as clear as possible. For the remainder of the season we will be focusing on docks and slips.

  • Good day. The harvesting season is right around the corner and I wanted to give everyone a brief overview of how harvesting operations will be conducted and what the upcoming projects will be occurring throughout the season.

  • The West Channel Dredging Project Ballot PASSED.

  • The Notice to Proceed has been issued for West Channel Maintenance Dredging and Beach Replenishment Project and the contractor will begin mobilizing on March 23.

    THE WEST CHANNEL WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL ACCESS FROM MARCH 23rd, 2015 to MAY 22nd, 2015 (Weather Permitting)