Vacation Home Rentals

The Tahoe Keys Property Owners' Association is a Non-Profit Corporation established to own, repair, maintain and manage common areas for the homeowners of the TKPOA. The Association's business offices provide the Tahoe Keys homeowners with a full-time support staff including public service, landscaping, exterior maintenance, administrative and accounting.

NOTE: The Owners' Association DOES NOT RENT nor manage any long-term or short-term rentals within the Tahoe Keys. The Association also does not provide any services usually associated with vacation rentals such as housekeeping or private property maintenance.

Vacation Home Rentals - Rules and Ordinances

City of South Lake Tahoe (Article XIII Chapter 28A-69)

The City of South Lake Tahoe ordinance states that no owner of a vacation home rental shall rent that unit for 30 consecutive calendar days or less without a valid vacation home rental permit.

Permit conditions include provisions for:

1) Limiting overnight occupancy of the vacation home rental to the specific number of occupants designated in the permit; with the number of overnight occupants not to exceed 2 person per bedroom, plus 4 additional person per residence.

2) Limiting the number of vehicles to the number designated in the permit; with the number of vehicles not to exceed the number of designated on-site parking spaces.

3) Informing renters of rules regarding vacation home rentals, using  best efforts to assure that the occupants and/or guests of the vacation home rental do not create unreasonable noise or disturbances.

Complete information, including the Vacation Rental complaint process, is available at the City of South Lake Tahoe's Vacation Rental Program website or you may also call the Community Service Officer, Bob Albertozzi, at (530) 542-6107. You will also find a long list of rental agencies on the city's website.