New Website = New Design

This new website is based on a modern content management platform utilizing what is called responsive design. What that means is that the layout of a webpage chnges with the size and format of the screen it is viewed on. In other words it adapts to the device you are using to browse the website. If you are viewing this on a computer right now you can try it by changing the witdth of the browser window and see how different modules changing place. Our hope is that this new design will work as well on computers, tablets and smart-phones.

You can also see that we have changed the theme from the previous dark blue to a theme with sky blue and greens. This in hope of drawing us into nature as we now hope we can focus more on the environment on the website content. We believe that protecting our precious Lake Tahoe and its unique nature will ultimately also enhance the value of our properties.

Click and you will find

From other older design you might be used to links are blue and underlined. Here links are typically in the green accent color. Like here. Many place also the pictures are clickable and links to more content. You can typically see that an item contains a link as the curser will change form an arrow to a hand.

Search and you will Find

When looking for some information, many times the fastetst way is to use the search function instead of browsing around