Finance Committee

Assisting the Board of Directors in preparing the Association’s annual budgets and complying with the other financial obligations of the Board. 

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The Finance Committee is comprised of at least three volunteer TKPOA property owners (one of which shall be the Treasurer of the Association) that are appointed each year by the Board of Directors.


In addition to the review of the annual budgets, the Finance Committee performs the following:

  • Review of the annual and interim financial statements
  • Review of the annual reserve studies
  • Review of capital expenditures
  • Review of the annual insurance quotes

Recommendations by the Finance Committee are made to the Board for approval.

Meeting Protocol

To ensure meetings are run efficiently and to allow members, at the appropriate times, to have an equal opportunity to share their comments, the Committee has established a set of rules and procedures for meetings.

Following these rules helps to ensure meetings are professional and organized.

Member Comments

Members wishing to comment during a meeting must be in good standing with the Association.

Each speaker will be allowed to speak for a reasonable time and each speaker will only be allowed to speak one time per project.

The Committee will conduct deliberations after listening to all property owners. Audience participation during committee deliberation will not be permitted.

Professional & Respectful

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Prohibited Behavior

No rude or profane language or personal attacks. No racial, ethnic, gender or religious slurs. No shouting, yelling or screaming. No Physical threats, verbal or otherwise.

Essential any behavior intended to, or that has the effect of, interfering with the orderly business of the Committee is prohibited.


Members that violate these conduct rules will be subject to being removed from the meeting and potentially fined.

Meet the Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of five or seven qualified volunteer TKPOA property owners. Members are appointed/reappointed by the Board of Directors each year.

Ken Silveira

Treasurer / Committee Chair

Jim Siegfried

Committee Member

Bob Cliff

Committee Member

Bryan Welsh

Committee Member

Clark McDonald

Committee Member

David Olivo

Committee Member

Michelle Pandori

Committee Member

Finance Committee Meeting Schedule

The Finance Committee meets on regularly scheduled meeting dates, currently once a month.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee established and maintained by the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee assists the Board in preparing the Association’s annual budgets and complying with the other financial obligations of the Board. The Committee consists of at least three members, one of which shall be the Treasurer of the Association.

Documents, budgets, agendas & minutes.

Meeting agendas are posted ahead of time, please see the documents section of this website. Minutes for meetings are likewise posted after each meeting.