Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees & Board Subcommittees

Advisory committees are appointed by the Board of Directors on an annual, or as-needed, basis to support the smooth running of the Association.


Committees are appointed by or at the direction of the Board, and serve at the pleasure of the Board.


Committees are comprised of volunteer property owners to assist the Board with the association’s day-to-day operations.

Most committees are purely advisory in nature; they provide recommendations to the board on what action the Board should take on a particular item of business:

Standing Committees — Committees that exist in perpetuity and have ongoing tasks. The Board may have delegated certain aspects of the management of the activities of the association to these committees.

Board Subcommittees — Subcommittees that are composed entirely of directors, sometimes referred to as “Executive Committees.”

Ad Hoc Committees — Committees that have limited duration and that are formed to address a specific issue (i.e., a rules committee that makes recommendations to the board on how the association’s operating rules should be modified to address a specific issue).


Without a doubt, the association’s various committees are a tremendous benefit to the community. The Board is able to rely on property owners to perform essential duties instead of having to spend for professional management services.


Because committees serve at the pleasure of the board, the board is generally free to establish qualifications that committee members must satisfy in order to be able to serve on a committee.


Each committee is setup with a defined purpose outlined in its charter.

The committee chair presides over committee meetings and handles the committee agenda.

A committee secretary is in charge of taking and publishing the minutes of every meeting.

Procedural Requirements

Unlike board meetings, committee meetings are generally not subject to the requirements found in the Open Meeting Act which apply to board meetings.

Meeting Minutes

The extent to which a committee is required to keep and maintain minutes of its meetings, and to make them available for inspection by the association’s members, will depend upon whether the committee is an executive committee and/or a committee with “decision-making authority.”

Standing Committees

The Board has established four Standing Committees that exist in perpetuity and have ongoing tasks.

Architectural Control Committee

Responsible for setting and enforcing architectural standards and guidelines for architectural review and approval of design, placement, and improvements to association properties.

Cove Advisors Committee

A committee of subdivision advisors to assist the Board given the diversity of architectural designs, competing property use demands, and other local concerns within the various Subdivisions comprising Tahoe Keys.

Finance Committee

Responsible for assisting the Board in preparing the Association’s annual budget and complying with other financial obligations set forth in Article XII of the Bylaws or otherwise imposed by law.

Water Quality Committee

Responsible for assisting the Board in monitoring and maintaining a high level of water quality within the Tahoe Keys Subdivisions.

Ad Hoc Committees & Board Subcommittees

Ad Hoc Committees and Board Subcommittees are more transient in nature and are established to tackle a particular project or task.

Bylaws and CC&Rs Communication Ad Hoc Committee

Set up to assist the Board with communication efforts for the restated and amended Bylaws and CC&Rs through the voting and approval process. 

California Tahoe Conservancy (CTC) Board Subcommittee

Set up to review transfer of land owned by TKPOA near the East Channel to the CTC.

Disciplinary Board Subcommittee

Set up to review alleged TKPOA violations and assess necessary discipline and/or fines in an effort to enforce TKPOA governing documents.

Lighthouse Shores Mediation Board Subcommittee

Set up to assist in mediation with Lighthouse Shores homeowners.  

TRPA Board Subcommittee

Set up to review and negotiate an MOU for the TRPA Shorezone Program.

TKM&YC Board Subcommittee

Set up to discuss ongoing issues and resolve disputes with the Tahoe Keys Marina & Yacht Club, LLC (TKM&YC).

Corporation Yard Construction Project Board Subcommittee

Set up to review the proposed construction of maintenance buildings on the new Corp Yard Lot acquired as part of the land exchange with the CTC.

Vision Ad Hoc Committee

Set up to review and revise Association’s Mission and Vision.

El Dorado Community Foundation 501(c)(3) Committee

Set up to manage the Tahoe Keys Waterways Restoration Fund (TKWRF).


Committee meeting agendas & minutes.

Committee meeting agendas are posted ahead of time, please see the various folders under the documents section of this website. Minutes are likewise posted after each meeting, where appropriate.