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Every Townhouse Cove and all subdivisions in which the private homes are located are designated by name for easy reference and location. [see property Map below].

Each Cove is responsible for its own dues and expenditures, according to their annually approved budgets, for operations, maintenance and capital improvements. The Cove Advisor, is appointed by the board of directors, is given the task of administering the Cove's budget and scheduling/completing the maintenance & capital improvements with the purpose of protecting the property and maintaining or increasing its value. Townhouses are condominium properties and are subject to the TKPOA CC&R's and the TKPOA Rules and Regulations.

Subdivisions also have their own Advisors, who handle a more limited budget for that subdivision common area, however each homeowner is responsible for their own maintenance and any upgrades or impovements.

All Advisors are members of the Cove Advisors Committee, which meets on a regular schedule for the purposes of keeping all advisors updated on policies, regulations, and Board activities relating to the administration of the coves and subdivisions.

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The Cove Advisors Committee meets ** Schedule TBD **. See the calendar for more details. Any property owner or its legal representative may appear before the committee.

TKPOA Cove Advisors Committee Meetings Protocol

The Cove Advisors Committee desires to make our meetings more efficient and ensure that every member, at the appropriate times in the meetings, has an equal opportunity to share their comments. To that end, we are publishing our meeting procedures which will result in more professional, organized meetings.

  1. Cove Advisors Committee meetings are the time at which the committee conducts its business.
  2. Speakers must be TKPOA members in good standing.
  3. Each speaker will be allowed to speak for a reasonable time, only on topic and only until repetition occurs.
  4. Each speaker will only be allowed to speak one time per project.
  5. Civility is required at all times.
  6. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. (Inappropriate behavior would include, but not be limited to: treating others disrespectfully or in any uncivilized manner, speaking without be given the floor, refusing to stay on topic or generally failing to adhere to meeting protocol)
  7. Anyone exhibiting abusive or objectionable behavior will be asked to leave. If the person refuses to comply, recess will be called by the chair and assistance for removal will be requested.
  8. The Committee will conduct deliberations after listening to all property owners. Audience participation during committee deliberation will not be permitted.
  9. Meeting agendas will be posted 7 days prior to the next scheduled Cove Advisors Committee meeting.

Cove Advisors Calendar

Cove Advisors Committee Members

image Cove Advisors Committee

Neal Simmons

Co-Chair & Board Liaison
image Cove Advisors Committee

Carl Frederick


The Assessment Planned Development Districts within the Association are as follows:

Cove/Sub-divisionSubdivision TypeNumber of Lots/UnitsAdvisor Name
Aloha Isle (04) Lot 74 Vacant
Bavarian Isle (05) Lot 35 Vacant
John McChesney
Cove Townhouse I (11) Townhouse 20 Donald Leutz
Cove Townhouse II (12) Townhouse 20 Tony Michalak
Cove Townhouse IIA (13) Townhouse 29 Gina Scribner
Dave Nickel
Cove South IIIA (06) Townhouse 22 Carl Frederick
Dennis Pratt
Cove South IIIB (07) Townhouse 19 Stephen Kay
Cove South IIIC (08) Townhouse 35 Teresa Fiore
Joy Curry Norem
Cove South IV (09) Townhouse 14 Richard Moorhouse
Cove South V (10) Townhouse 77 Harry Dotson
Islanders I (14) Townhouse 9 Derek & Kira Eggers
Islanders II (15) Townhouse 18 Steve Moore
Islanders III (16) Townhouse 33 Clark McDonald
Lighthouse Shores (17) Lot 15 Lori Runco
Makai Isle (18) Lot 77 Joe Sherry
Mt.Tallac I (19) Lot 98 Susie Raby-Mansfield
Bob Burns
Mt. Tallac II (20) Lot 18 Todd & Zeta Friedel
Mt. Tallac III (21) Lot 21 John Gonzales
Pinestone I (22) Lot 16 Cathy Cliff
Pinestone II (22) Lot 10 Ray Warneck
Pinestone III (23) Lot 54 Gwen Dorcich
St. Morizt Lot 130 Bobbie Canepa
Lorna Cannon
Tahoe Keys I & II (25) Lot 312 Cindy Rawlings
Tahoe Keys V (26) Lot 334 Joanne Donmoyer
Tahoe Marina Shores (27) Townhouse 39 Neal Simmons
Total number of units   1529