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Our Tahoe Keys Association is responsible for the care and maintenance of the “common” areas which include grass areas, parks, pools, tennis courts, parking lots and play areas. It also includes all structures and buildings. These areas are also maintained regularly as part of monthly dues paid by homeowners. This ensures that at all times these areas look their best. Homeowners are able to enjoy these areas at all times without the worry of maintenance.

This also helps with maintaining our property values even in a declining market since the maintenance of the neighborhood ensures that our community will remain physically attractive over time by imposing rules on architecture, landscaping and related matters.

Our Maintenance Department employs competent and skilled personnel, and is responsible for preventive maintenance and repair of the common areas, as well as on-call to assist the Cove advisors with repair and maintenance projects and to oversee major construction projects. Areas of service include painting, minor electrical and plumbing repairs, and minor construction projects.

Maintenance Plan

The purpose of a Maintenance Plan is to instruct a homeowner association board and property manager how to properly maintain common element components. Following a well prepared Maintenance Plan will help extend the useful life of the components and reduce costs to the members. An effective preventive maintenance plan should satisfy the following five key goals:

  1. Preserve owners' investment. Preventive maintenance can extend the life of building components, sustaining and enhancing the property's value.
  2. Help buildings function as they were intended and operate at peak efficiency. Because preventive maintenance keeps equipment functioning as designed, it reduces inefficiencies in operations and energy usage.
  3. Prevent failures of building systems. Buildings that operate trouble-free allow the occupants to enjoy the property as intended. Preventive maintenance includes regular inspections and replacement of equipment crucial to building operations.
  4. Sustain a safe and healthy environment. Protecting the physical integrity of building components preserves a safe environment for residents.
  5. Provide cost effective maintenance. Preventive maintenance can prevent minor problems from escalating into major failures and costly repairs. Preventive maintenance can be handled relatively cheaply, efficiently and systematically through advance scheduling while major failures always happen after hours, at peak billing times and to equipment that must be special ordered (Murphy's Law).

The objective of the Maintenance Plan is to provide clear direction to the board and management how and when to provide repairs to building and grounds components. If consistently followed in conjunction with a properly prepared reserve study schedule, the components will enjoy their maximum useful lives and related repair costs kept to a minimum. This is how a successful homeowners association was meant to operate.


Tom Callahan

Facilities Manager
M-F 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
(530) 542-6444 x226

I have been in construction and maintenance for nearly 30 years. The bulk of my experience is in construction. I previously obtained my General Contractors license in 1992 and ran my own business. In 1995, my family and I moved to South Lake Tahoe. I worked for Doug Wilson Construction for 13 years and was superintendent on several multi-million dollar projects. For the last 4 years I have been the maintenance manager for Crystal Bay Casino and Worldmark by Wyndham here in Lake Tahoe. I am extremely happy to be here and look forward to meeting your maintenance needs.