Town Hall Forum – Amended and Restated CC&Rs Question & Answer

On August 18th, 2022, we held a productive and informative town hall meeting about the proposed Amended and Restated CC&Rs that you are being asked to vote on.

For those who were unable to attend, a recording of the meeting is now available (click here).

The amended CC&Rs and supplemental documents are available below:

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  1. Wow – tough crowd! Couldn’t attend the Town Hall, but glad there was a recording to listen to. Clearly a lot of work went into the written changes and the presentation & organization of the Town Hall. I appreciate the hard work that has gone into rewriting CCRs – monumental task and long overdue. I still think the Townhomes/Condos need their own subgroup, and the land-locked group need their own separate subgroup, distinguished from the whole Tahoe Keys and charged accordingly. A landlocked owner should not bear the cost of maintaining the keys. A condo owner should not bear the financial responsibility of maintaining vast amounts of roads they never use. The water fees should be assessed by # of toilets each unit has. Why does a one toilet condo pay the same as a 5 bathroom mansion? Water fees/consumption has to have a logical key for the contribution algorithms. This injustice has always bothered me. However, I feel the team did a good job running the Town Hall and explaining the proposed changes which is invaluable. The hardest part is getting owners to participate – a big challenge. Thank you all for your hard work and I hope we achieve quorum.