Assessment Collections Update

Hello Tahoe Keys Residents!

This a friendly reminder that assessment collections, including lockbox information, are changing beginning April 1st, 2023.   The information needed to set up payments can be found on the Welcome Letter that you received in the mail and/or as it is listed on your quarterly statement.  The first statement will be for your 2nd Quarter Assessment which will be sent out in mid-March.   Balances and prepaid assessments will be reflected in this statement (sample attached).

Please contact our Client Transition Team at (888) 990-2334 or with any questions.   

Payment options are:

1.       ClickPay – FirstService Residential’s online payment service provider.  You can access ClickPay by visiting

2.       Bill Pay – Your bank’s bill pay service If using this service, please enter the following: name, address, and include your new 8-digit Access Number (which can be found on the Welcome Letter you received) on your bank’s website when using its bill pay service:

Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association
c/o FirstService Residential
PO Box 30354, Tampa, FL 33630

3.       Paper Check – Mail a Check to the address above. Include your FirstService remit slip from your monthly statement and your 8-digit FirstService access number.

Are you set up with another auto bill pay service for your assessments?

  • If you are, your future payments to FirstService will not be debited from your account until you update your account information through your bank’s bill pay service, or signup with FirstService Residential’s service provider, ClickPay.
  • Please note that if you are currently on autopay, it will be canceled and not transferred for your security protection, as you will have to set it up through ClickPay as this is the new payment platform. 



Description automatically generatedBy default, the assessment statements will be sent as a hard copy; if you would like to sign up to receive your future assessment statements electronically, please navigate to: to sign up.

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  1. I sent an email a few weeks ago to the interim manager along with the man listed as the accountant regarding the fact that the association has increased the dues by 19.38% which is just below the 20% required to be put to a vote. My question then, and now, is that going to become the normal for the association to increase the dues by a percentage just below the 20%? I feel this is very disrespectful of those paying dues, not to mention disingenuous. Since I didn’t receive the consideration of a response to my prior email, I would very much appreciate, and expect, a response to this inquiry. Thank you.

  2. I would like to second Gretchens comments below — seems pretty sneaky to raise the association dues by just under the level by which folks would need to vote. And since there has been a constant stream of special assessments over the past three years this steep increase is painful. I, too, would like a response to this action since it seems there was no discussion with members as to the impact of this increase.

  3. Good afternoon and thank you for your comments. I have forwarded them to members of the Board and Finance Committee for their consideration.
    The TKPOA Budget process for planning the next year’s fiscal budget has historically begun during the second quarter of each year (about the April/May timeframe). This process includes multiple meetings of the Board of Directors and Finance Committee that are noticed and open to Association members to attend that include discussions and review of the upcoming year’s budget and resulting quarterly assessments. In regards to the specific planning of the 2023 Budget, the Board Treasurer provided presentations on the status of the budget planning and planned assessment increases during 3 or more separate Board of Directors meetings and posted articles in the Keys Breeze mailed to members each month.
    For the upcoming 2024 Budget planning process, members are encouraged to attend the regular monthly Board of Directors meetings as well as the regular monthly Finance Committee meetings for up to date status reports on the Budget planning.
    Thank you again and I hope this information is helpful. I can also be reached directly at if you have additional questions.

  4. I set up ClickPay and can NOT pay via Credit Card I can only give a bank account, which i do not want to do at this time
    States there is a” problem with connection please try again later”
    I have tried 10-12 times to pay with credit card.
    Called the number for assistance waited 1/2 hour on hold tried chat and That took forever. This system is not very convenient.
    I guess I will just write a check and move on.
    Just thought I would give some feedback on my first attempt for payment.
    This ClickPay systems