Resumption of Non-Turf Irrigation Starting July 26th

During Wednesday’s Board of Directors Meeting, the Board approved the resumption of non-turf irrigation starting on Monday, July 26th based on revised irrigation rules and schedule.

While we are still awaiting our permits from the State to operate the uranium treatment at Wells #2 & #3, with the gearbox at Well #1 now replaced and the Lukins Brothers Water Company (LBWC) inter-tie operational we feel we can allow limited non-turf irrigation.

The goal is to keep our demand below what can be met by Well #1 (1000 gpm) and the LBWC inter-tie (550 gpm) such that we limit the use of Well #3 until we receive State approval to operate it with treatment. Once we receive State approval for the uranium treatment at Well #3 we’ll be able to allow turf irrigation as well.

The updated irrigation rules and schedule are as follows and include Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) Common Areas, all Cove Townhome landscaping, all Single-Family home landscaping, and commercial water customer properties landscaping.


10.1 Irrigation Limits. Irrigation shall be calibrated and scheduled to deliver no more than the following:

  • March 20 – June 30 and September 1 – November 30: 1.5 inches per week
  • July 1 – August 31: 2.0 inches per week

10.2 Irrigation Scheduling. Subject to the exemptions below, landscape irrigation is permitted only on designated irrigation days, as designated in Schedule A (Attached):

GroupStreet/Streets/LocationIrrigation DaysTime Period for
Group 1
Venice Drive, Tuolumne Drive, Lassen Drive,
Shasta Court, Dana Court, Dover Drive and
15th Street
Sunday, Tuesday, and
Group 2
Alpine Drive, Cascade Court, Cathedral Court,
Genevieve Court, Tahoe Keys Blvd, Danube
Drive, Morro Drive, Monterey Drive and Lucerne
Sunday, Tuesday, and
Group 3
Texas Avenue, Whitney Drive, Aloha Drive,
Daggett Court, and Carson Court
Sunday, Tuesday, and
Group 4
Capri Drive, Inverness Drive, Catalina Drive,
Kokanee Way, Crystal Court, and Lido Drive
Monday, Wednesday and
Group 5
Beach Drive, Beach Lane, Beach Court, White
Sands Drive, Balboa Drive, Marconi Way, and
Garmish Court
Monday, Wednesday and
Group 6
Lighthouse Shores Drive, Emerald Drive,
Christie Drive, Traverse Court, Slalom Court,
Wedeln Court, and Weir Way
Monday, Wednesday and
Group 7
TKPOA Townhomes: Cove 1, Cove 2, Cove 2A,
Cove 3A, Cove 3B, Cove 3C, Cove 4, Cove 5,
Tahoe Marina Shores (TMS), Islanders 1,
Islanders 2, and Islanders 3
Sunday, Tuesday, and
Group 8
TKPOA-Owned Common Areas, Mt. Tallac
Village 3 (South Tahoe Public Utility District
Monday, Wednesday and

Schedule A – Irrigation Schedule

Schedule A – Irrigation Group Map

10.3 Exemptions from Irrigation Schedule. No exceptions to irrigation schedule for new plant material (including new turf).

10.4 Prohibited Activities. No Owner, nor an Owner’s tenant, contractor, employee, or agent may engage in any of the following activities:

  • Irrigation is Prohibited on Memorial Day Weekend, July Fourth Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend
  • Allowing water to flow over the ground surface or from sprinklers onto surfaces that are not able to absorb water or onto neighboring properties.
  • Use of a hose without an automatic shut-off nozzle.
  • Use of water to wash sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, decks, patios, or other improved areas.
  • Any activity prohibited by federal, state, or local law or regulation.

The intent of allowing non-turf irrigation starting next week is to allow homeowners to water shrubs, flowers, and trees while still keeping overall water demand limited.

The proposed overnight irrigation schedule helps to keep the water demand for irrigation at a time when the overall demand for drinking water is at its lowest. By limiting the irrigation window to two hours per homeowner, three days a week, we spread the demand over a nine-hour period as opposed to everyones’ sprinklers coming on at the same time in the morning. Both of these measures are critical to “flattening” the demand curve and spreading it throughout the night to reduce the typical peak demand caused by irrigation.

Any additional questions can be answered by contacting the TKPOA Front Desk at 530-542-6444 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM or see the Water Shortage section of this website for the latest information.

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