Water Quality Town Hall Forum 02/24/2022 6PM – 2022 Control Methods Test

On Wednesday, February 16th 2022, the TKPOA Board of Directors (BOD) approved the Control Methods Test (CMT), the final administrative step for the small-scale testing of herbicides in the Tahoe Keys Lagoons. The BOD thoroughly reviewed the timeline for the spring of 2022, the CMT budget, all necessary contracts for equipment & services, and signed off on the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) EIPC2018-011 permit.

Critical to the project proceeding this year, the Water Quality Team reached agreement in principle with TRPA. The TRPA will:
– Provide stewardship for much of the monitoring and lab services, the biggest piece and expense of the CMT
– Fill our funding gap for the critical first year of the CMT
– Collaborate with TKPOA’s Water Quality team on the overall management of the project- This high level of collaboration is essential to the project’s success.

The application of herbicide will have a significant impact on boating and water activities in the West Lagoon from April 18th, 2022 to as late as mid-July, 2022.

A Water Quality Committee (WQC) Town Hall Forum is scheduled for February 24th, 2022 from 6PM-8PM to provide an update on the CMT project and an outline of the boating restrictions. Zoom Meeting instructions to attend this meeting are available on TKPOA Website at www.tkpoa.com, or attend at the TKPOA Pavilion.

Questions or Request for Additional Information
Please check the project website: www.keysweedsmanagement.org for outreach materials and additional information. Also contact the TKPOA Front Desk at 530-542-6444 Monday through Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM, Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM – 2:00PM. Additional information can be located on the TKPOA website at www.tkpoa.com.

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