Your Association Needs You

September this year, 740 of us out of 1528 members voted to elect four new Board members. This number of votes was one of our highest ballot turnouts in many years, and I hope it speaks to increasing interest and engagement across our membership. But your Association still needs you.

Last month I provided an update on the approved 2021 budget that required some tough decisions to cut some expenses to partially offset the reduction in income from vacation rental permits and guest passes due to Measure T.

Maybe you don’t agree with these decisions. Instead, perhaps you feel we should be raising our quarterly assessment fees to better fund and improve our services, amenities, and facilities, not cutting them. Do you think that the approved 6% increase is too much after double-digit increases over recent years? Perhaps you feel our staff do a fantastic job under trying circumstances. Possibly you think the Board, Committees, and staff could do better.

Tell us!

It was over five years ago (2014) that our Association last sent out a survey to gauge what was important to members and 252 people responded. Those responses guided the Board’s actions in the subsequent years.

Another outreach is long overdue, and we hope that moving forward, this will become an annual event to better measure how well our Association is doing year-over-year and what could be done even better.

Please take a moment to participate in this survey.

Speak now, or the Board will not hear your voice. This survey will shape our actions for the next year and our thinking going into the 2022 budget planning. Let us know what you think. It’ll only take 10 minutes and is completely anonymous unless you choose to give us your contact information at the end. The Board will treat all responses confidentially.

We want to get as many members as we can to participate. In 2014 we only received responses from 252 people. Back in September, 760 members voted for the annual election of Directors. Let’s get closer to this number. If you voted, please take the survey to tell us more about what you care about. If you didn’t vote, please take the survey; it’s a second chance to influence your Board’s actions.

Here’s the URL for the survey:

The survey will close early next year, so don’t wait! It’ll only take 10 minutes. Once all the responses are in, we’ll share the results with everyone in a future Keys Breeze.

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