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  1. Please provide the plan for displaced boaters that have docs . I hear there is a list of owners hopefully even town home owners that would rent their docks to fellow home owners could you please provide this list ?

    1. TKPOA is actively seeking dock/slip donations from those owners not affected by the Control Methods Test (CMT) Boating Restrictions to allow those affected owners to temporarily relocate their boat. TKPOA Owners who would like to donate the use of their dock should submit a Boat Dock Relocation Request Form to the TKPOA Pavilion Office Front Desk at 356 Ala Wai Blvd or

      Those owners affected by the CMT Boating Restrictions, who would like to request a temporary boat relocation during the CMT, should submit a Boat Dock Relocation Form to the TKPOA Pavilion Office Front Desk in order to be placed on the list of owners requesting a potential dock relocation. Dock relocation assignment is on a first come, first serve basis and is limited in availability based on the amount of Owners who provide the use of their dock/slip during the CMT.

      As of March 21st, 2022 TKPOA has received 3 dock donations and 48 requests for a dock relocation during the CMT Boating Restrictions. Based on this, 3 Owners have been temporarily reassigned to a donated boat dock/slip location.

      The Boat Dock Relocation Request Form can be found on the TKPOA Website under Documents>>Water Quality>>Control Methods Test(CMT)>>CMT Boating Restrictions and Recommendations. This form has also previously been sent to TKPOA Owners via a Membership mailing and 2 separate Email Blasts.

      For additional questions, please contact the TKPOA Pavilion Front Desk at (530) 542-6444.